Unreadable External Hard Drive/Flash Drive Solution

storage Posted at : August 14, 2022

Unreadable External Hard Drive/Flash Drive Solution

Hard drive or memory flash drive is one of the media used as storage media on a computer. When compared to SSD, hard disks are still a data storage medium that is widely used by the public. This is because hard disk/flash disk usually provide more capacity and are less expensive than SSDs.

Fix Unreadable External Hard Drive/Flash Drive Solution

When using a hard drive, you will definitely encounter problems, one of which is unreadable. Do not rush to think that the hard drive is no longer usable and decide to buy a new hard drive. Because it could be an unreadable hard drive problem that can be fixed in alternative ways

We have summarized 4 methods to fix unreadable external hard drives/flash drive through various sources.

1. Unreadable External Drive Due to Problematic Drivers

Drivers that do not support the Windows operating system often make your hard drive detected, even if it is plugged into a USB port. The solution is as follows:

Right click on “My Computer” and select “Device Manager”
If you can't find it, you can type “Device Manager” in the search field of the Start menu.
If there is an exclamation mark on the device or devices connected to the computer, it means that there is a problem with the driver. For that, you can uninstall the driver on the hard drive and then reinstall the hard drive so that the computer installs the new driver.

2. Reset on Disk Management

This method is as follows:

  • In the “Start Windows” menu search field, type disk
  • After that click Create and format hard disk partition
  • Or click the button on the Windows keyboard + R then the Run page will appear
  • After the Run page appears, type diskmgmt.msc
  • If so, the Computer Management page will appear and try to reformat the drive (All data will be deleted)
  • Usually by formatting, the hard drive that was initially not detected will become normal.

3. Replace USB Cable

It could be the cause of the data on the external hard drive being unreadable because the USB cable has a problem.

There are two types of USB cables used in hard disks. The first is USB to USB or male. The second is the thicker USB Type-C. A damaged USB cable may interfere with the data transfer function and electrical power. This makes the data unreadable.

4. Changing the Hard Drive Letter (Fixed Solution for me)

In my cases, there is an external hard drive or flash drive that is already connected, but does not have a letter or complicated with another external drive path.

For example, C:, or D:, and so on. As a result, the hard drive cannot be read. If you get an incident like that, we only need to add a letter to the external hard drive that is used, here are the steps:

  • First open disk management, how to open it the same as the second point.
  • Then right-click the disk you want to change the letter to.
  • Then click Change Drive Letter and Path
  • After that click Add or change to change the drive letter.
  • If so, just follow the instructions to completion.

Hopefully these tips can solve your current problem. enjoy!