Getting to Know Cloud Storage Media

storage Posted at : August 14, 2022

Getting to Know Cloud Storage Media

Currently such storage media are widely used by people, to store their important files. Because the files that we store in the Cloud, will never be damaged or lost, unless the Cloud server is no longer operational.

In the past when we wanted to save a file, we usually used a CD, flash drive, or external memory. However, nowadays physical storage media like that have been abandoned, because many people prefer to use cloud-based storage media.

The reason why they prefer Cloud, as their file storage media is, the files stored, and the storage media is not easily damaged. While physical storage media is very vulnerable to damage, or loss. Unlike the Cloud storage media that will never be lost, unless the Cloud server is closed.

Getting to Know Cloud Storage Media

What is Cloud storage media? And what is the function of Cloud storage? Cloud storage media is an online-based file storage media, which later these files will be stored on a server.

This virtual storage media, usually offers a large enough storage capacity. Exceeding the capacity of CDs, flash drives, or external memory currently available. Actually now we can use an external hard drive to store files, but still vulnerable to damage.

While Cloud based storage won't crash, as long as the storage server is fine. In addition, files stored in the cloud will never be corrupted or corrupted. In contrast to physical storage media, if a problem occurs with the device, it can cause damage to the files in it.

Types of Cloud storage media

When viewed in terms of use, cloud-based data storage media can be divided into four types, namely:

  • Personal Cloud Storage

This storage media is used personally or individually, the point is to back up files owned by someone, be it from a computer or smartphone. On Android phones, this feature is presented to back up files in the form of photos, videos, or other documents.

  • Public Cloud Storage

This type of cloud storage media, usually used by companies, to store their unstructured data. They hire the services of cloud-based storage media providers, to organize all the data owned by the company.

  • Private Cloud Storage

As the name suggests, this type of cloud storage is usually used by companies that want a higher level of security for their data. In addition, the type of private cloud storage usually also has a higher speed than other types of cloud storage.

  • Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage is a combination of Public Cloud and Private Cloud. Data stored on this type of Cloud storage, will be divided into two types, based on the importance of the data. Later, important data will be stored in Private Cloud storage, while unimportant data will be stored in Public Cloud storage.

Free Cloud storage media service

There are several cloud-based storage services that we can use for free. But if you want to increase the storage space capacity, you can pay according to the terms of the service provider.

Cloud storage services that we can use for free include:

  1. Dropbox: This service provided by Dropbox, gives us free Cloud storage space, with a storage capacity of up to 2GB. If we want to add storage capacity, we can pay the subscription fee.
  2. Google Drive: Cloud services provided by Google can also be used for free, we will be given 15GB of space. But we have to pay, if we want to increase the capacity of the cloud storage space.
  3. OneDrive: This Cloud storage media is provided by Microsoft, on the latest Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 and 10. But we must have a Microsoft account to be able to use this Cloud storage service.
  4. Upload your file such as multimedia, documents, ZIP and RAR archive in a single place and access them anywhere and share them everywhere.

Those are some explanations about getting to know Cloud storage media. Currently storing files or data in the Cloud is indeed safer, because the files that we store can avoid damage or corruption.

If we use an android phone with a small internal memory, it is better for us to back up files to the cloud, in order to maximize the small internal memory.